Voor het Angelman Syndroom

Strategy and Policy

We have a progressive philosophy about the way we combine our resources to form an equal partnership. Every partner of the ASA contributes whatever funds they can. We work as equals and support each other, and in turn are supported by our organisations’ members, the AS family community. Unity and maintaining a simple structure is important and so only one organisation from each country participates in ASA. We award one-or two-year grants for various amounts and every time the parent organizations are called to join financially. The amount that is available is then set and the Call for Proposals goes out.

ASA Management system

When a member joins the ASA they sign the ASA Manifesto. Every country is free to join. The way all nations work together is written down in a Work-flow. Every call we appoint one member as the administrator of that particular Grant. As one of the founders the Nina Foundation volunteered to do this for now. A Scientific Board of Advisery helps us with the proposals and the specific questions of researchers. With a Score sheet we award the Grant to the winning Researcher(s). All terms are set in the standard ASA contract between participating researchers and ASA members. The standard language is English.  

Publications and output

The awarded researchers agree to report about the ongoing project. The ASA members are at liberty to share this within their organization/country. At the end of the research the scientist writes a report about the findings and the ASA members share this publication worldwide. The results will also be presented by scientist during an international AS conference.