Voor het Angelman Syndroom

Walking for angels


ROTTERDAM – In the spirit of FedEx Cares three colleagues from FedEx SC have walked the Kennedy March (50 miles) to collect money for the Nina Foundation. 

The Nina Foundation’s mission is to spread awareness and collect funds for children with Angelman Syndrome. This Syndrome is a congenital neurological disorder characterized by motoric and intellectual disabilities, severe speech dysfunction, and often epilepsy.

Co-worker Carolina Esteban was pleased to hear that we had decided to take this opportunity to collect donations for the Nina Foundation.

Carolina tells; “This is a good cause that is very close to me, as my daughter, aged 9, has this syndrome. Thanks to the Nina Foundation we dare to hope for a cure for her. They have opened the first Expertise Centrum for this Syndrome 2 years ago in the Sophia Hospital in Rotterdam, and since then they have seen already 78 ‘Angels’ (as some people like to call children affected by Angelman Syndrome).”


From left to right: Roy Heesakkers, Peter van Vroenhoven en Chris Croes.

Roy, Peter and Chris telling about their challenge: “It has taken us almost 18 hours to complete this incredible distance. We started on the 6th of July at 10pm, and arrived around 4pm next day.  We are very proud of this completed goal and happy that we can give more than 3100 Euro (4100 US Dollar) to the Nina foundation.”