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J.J.W. Van der Burg ,R. Didden, N. Engbers, P.H. Jongerius, J.J. Rotteveel

J. Behav. Ther. & Exp. Psychiat. 40 (2009) 106?119

Behavioral treatment of drooling is advocated widely, but evidence
of its effectiveness is lacking. In a center-based case-series study,
10 participants with severe drooling were taught self-management
skills to reduce drooling. Following treatment, all participants
remained dry for intervals of 30?60 min, while being engaged in
daily activities. Generalization to the classroom occurred in each
participant. For three participants, maintenance of treatment effect
was established at 6 and 24 weeks. Seven participants failed to
maintain self-management skills at follow-up. Although the selfmanagement
procedure showed promising results, further
adaptations are required to improve efficacy, generalization, and
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